Guide in Buying Shoes for your Children

If you believe that buying shoes for your kids are an easy job, well, you should now start presuming the other way around. To guarantee that you don’t waste your money by making mistakes, you must address a handful of concerns. Purchasing Unisex Shoes that don’t fit or choosing pairs that your children hate wearing in the first place are usually the common mistakes you most likely will make.


So you are a parent who wants to make sure that your children’s shoes will fit properly yet wishes to eliminate some of the nightmare elements of shopping for kids’ footwear.  Here are some tips that can significantly help you.


  1. When to Buy a New Pair of Shoes


You may not know when is the right time to get a new pair unless your child already starts complaining that their shoes are already uncomfortable. Thus, to ensure that what they are wearing is still working for them, it is an excellent idea to check your children’s shoes periodically. Carefully look for particularly worn areas or stressed seams. The shoes they are wearing is surely not wide enough if the sides are bulging or wearing out more quickly than the rest. Another sign of shoes that don’t fit properly are toes that are bending upwards. No doubt, it is time for you to buy a new pair of shoes once your child toes or heels starts aching.



  1. Shopping Tips


Since our feet tend to swell over the day, shoe shopping should always be done later in the afternoon or evening and never in the morning. Also, it is still better to look for a store that specialises in children’s footwear, especially if your child doesn’t love shoe shopping. The professional staff working for the store can surely assist you in finding the right pair as they are well-versed on how to deal with hesitant shoe shoppers.


Moreover, it is always best to avoid overspending as children tend to outgrow their shoes so quickly. Although it is tempting to buy cute and trendy shoes available for kids, it is always better to consider the occasion for practicality.



  1. Get the Perfect Fit


When purchasing shoes, it is of significant importance to have your children’s feet measured correctly. Keep in mind that both feet should be measured as one of it is usually larger than the other and ensure to buy a pair that can accommodate it. Plus, always remember to measure their feet when they are standing as it is way accurate.


Furthermore, there should be a bit of room between the edge of the shoe and of your child’s toes for about half an inch when your child wears the footwear and their feet fully extended.


Lastly, your children’s Unisex Shoes should feature any fastening system like laces or Velcro. As much as possible, avoid purchasing backless or slip-on shoes for your kids. Canvas or leather is the most ideal as it is significantly made from breathable materials.