What are the Signs of the Presence of Termites on your Property?

One of the annoying insects that can significantly damage the structural stability of a home causing thousands of dollars for repairs without anyone knowing it is termites. So, if you want to keep your property safe from these damaging pests, it is imperative that you get a termite inspection done by a licensed pest professional every three years. However, you as a homeowner can also keep an eye on the presence of termites regularly with some of the red flags signalling its existence.

termite treatment AdelaideDry wood, damp wood and subterranean are the three predominant types of termites. Each of it has its unique identifiers and habitats. Today, we enumerate some significant signs that your home is already dealing with one of the three types of termites and highlight some practical ways that you can do to prevent it. Take note that the first step in identification, corresponding termite treatment Adelaide and do further prevention is to know the signs of termites beforehand.


Swarmers are one of the types of termites that are alone responsible for reproduction. Termite swarmers will mate to start creating a new colony. The mating season, as well as swarming habits, vary depending on the species of the termite. Be sure to contact your local pest professional if you are unsure of the identification of the insect you found in your home.

Discarded Wings                                                                                                                 

Eventually, the wings of the termites will start to drop and settle down to form a new colony in your home after their mating season. Those discarded wings can shed light onto whether you have termites. So, to find out if there are present termite wings in your home, try checking the door frames, window sills, bathtubs or vents as it is the favourite spots of these insects.

Damaged and Hollowed Wood

Hollow wood is the most famous sign of termite infestation. Due to the termite’s nature of dieting habits, the inside of the wood in your home is continually being eaten. No doubt, there is a high chance you may be dealing with an infestation if you tend to hear hollow sounds or crumbly paper sound when you knock the wood part of your home.

Tunnels in Wood                                                                 

Another indication of an infestation is termite wood tunnels. Although it is not always apparent to the eye, you can still see some clues that will tell that you already have a significant problem at hand. Try to find a piece of broken wood from your home and then peek into the middle as this will give you a substantial clue if there is already a termite infestation to your property.

Stiff Windows and Warped Doors

Moisture is one of the elements that subterranean termites love. Homes that are holding excessive humidity and heat can stand as a primary candidate for warped wood may experience the warping for reasons other than the temperature or outside climates. Plus, your windows or doors will inevitably warp and become stuck if termites release moisture as they eat away at your wood. No doubt, it is now the right time for termite treatment Adelaide when you see these signs in your home.