Top Retaining Wall Designs for Steep-Sloped Area

Do you have an area beside the house that has a steep slope? Are you worried that the soil will break down anytime, especially during downpours? If yes, you need to read more here about the most recommended retaining wall designs for steep slopes.


Steep slopes in land areas can be challenging for homeowners in Berri. This is especially true if you live in an area where rain is constant, or your nearest neighbours live a mile away. The closest you can get to a safe and secure home in these cases is to get a contractor to build retaining walls. You can read more here about the most trusted types of retaining walls that people in Berri patronise.


Tiered Walls


You can ask a reliable contractor to break up the slope into tiers. Tiered retaining walls are famous in Australia because you can use the levels or giant steps to plant flowers or plants. This design is not just aesthetic; it is highly functional and will ease your worries about soil erosion!

Houses that feature these retaining walls also use the tiers to plant vegetables and herbs. Depending on the deepness and shallowness of each portion, you can plant root vegetables for your daily cooking needs.




This design is an ambitious one, but some adventurous homeowners have attempted it and succeeded. The steep slope will be transformed into a stone waterfall that with bordering stones on the sides to ensure that soil around the retaining wall will not crumble.


Stacked Walls


Stacked retaining walls are considered the “traditional” type of protective projects for steep slopes. Ask your contractor about the types of stackable blocks that you can choose from. You can also ask them to come up with interlocking designs for a more attractive look.


Jagged Rocks


Due to the rise in abstract construction projects, jagged rocks are becoming a favourite in Australian homes. This particular type of retaining wall integrates geometric designs to functionality. You can select from a variety of stones.


Jagged rock walls also promise additional security since the rocks will be glued together by cement. Rest assured that soil behind the walls will not crumble even with continuous rainfall.


Retaining walls are the perfect option for properties with steep slopes, especially if the hill is at the back of your house or just beside it. Many houses in Berri already have retaining walls to ensure their homes’ protection when soil becomes loose due to rain.


Always consult with a contractor before trying any steep-slope project on your own. Discuss and exchange ideas with your provider to make sure your preferences are integrated into the final design.