The Risks of DIY Palm Tree Felling Perth

Is your palm tree causing more bad than good? Are you starting to get frustrated with it? Are you looking to have it removed? You may be tempted to go for DIY palm tree felling Perth. However, the truth is that you’re just way over your head. Trying to remove your palm tree on your own is a commendable move. But in reality, it’ll only cause you more problems. Here are some risks that you will face when you go for DIY palm tree removal:


  1. Your Palm Tree Is Close to Your House

If a palm tree is in your yard, chances are it’s pretty close to your house. So any mistakes that you make will result in your palm tree falling into your home and damaging your roof. That means more expenses to pay. So if you don’t want to waste money, you should refrain from the DIY palm tree removal approach. Additionally, you shouldn’t also try to remove your palm tree if it’s close to dangerous power lines. Not only are you at risk of electrocution but you’ll also cause an abrupt power outage within the neighbourhood.


  1. You Don’t Have the Right Equipment

One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t go for DIY palm tree felling Perth is because you don’t have to right tools and equipment to perform this task. Palm tree removal requires a lot of tools that you’ll be using to remove your tree and uproot the stump. You’ll need a large saw, a harness, some safety gear, and a grinder for the stump. If you don’t have all of these, you’re better off hiring a tree removals expert instead.



  1. Your Dying Tree Is Unstable

If you’re dealing with a decaying palm tree, chances are it will fall at any given notice. So instead of trying to remove it and risk having it fall into you or your house, you should call for professional help and have them remove your tree for you. Professional palm tree felling Perth services knows how to remove a tree without causing any damages to your property. So make sure your tree with signs of palm disease is removed the professional way by hiring certified experts.


Palm tree removal is not meant to be a DIY project. Even if you have other people to help you out; if you’re inexperienced with it, mistakes will be made, and there will be potential accidents. So don’t risk it, get proper palm tree removal by hiring the professionals.