What Are The Different Types of Oven?

Ovens are a necessity in every kitchen these days. It seems so challenging to cook and prepare food without an oven. The truth is no homeowner wants to build a kitchen without it. So, it is easy to assume that the reason why you find yourself reading this post is that you plan on purchasing a new oven soon, but you want to know more about your options. Well, you are in the right place. Below is a rundown of the different types of ovens Adelaide available in home appliance and improvement stores:

1 – Electric Oven

The electric oven is undoubtedly the most popular choice, and convenience is the primary reason why. This oven uses a heating element found on the walls of the oven cavity. The heating elements heat up once an electrical current passes through them.  Another reason why electric ovens are popular is that they are a lot more affordable than a gas oven. Running costs, on the other hand, is higher.

2 – Gas Oven

Unlike the electric stove, the gas variety uses burners instead of heating elements. Gas is the source of power that the burner uses in cooking. The spark electrode is responsible for the ignition, thereby producing the heat with the help of the gas for cooking. Although gas ovens are pricier than their electric counterpart, they are more affordable to run since it takes less gas to cook food compared to electricity.

Moreover, bakers prefer gas ovens over electric variants because of the former heats and cool faster compared to the latter. It also allows better temperature control of the oven.

3 – Convection Oven

A convection oven, on the other hand, makes use of fans for efficiently circulating hot air around the oven cavity. It is another popular choice for those who want to cook food and meals quicker than usual. One of the most significant advantages of preparing food via convection ovens Adelaide is that it produces an even and high-quality output.

4 – Conventional Oven

Lastly, you always have the option to choose a conventional oven, where the tried and tested mechanism of heating the air inside the appliance is responsible for cooking food. There is no denying that there are more sophisticated ways of preparing food via different types of oven, but the standard variant is no doubt one of the best regarding providing better quality food through equally distributed heat inside.

In choosing a new oven for your kitchen, you must understand that the price should not be the only factor to consider. It is imperative that you identify what your specific cooking needs are before you weigh your options. Be sure that the oven you pick addresses your needs.