Make Your Party Extra Special With A DIY Donut Box!

When it comes to parties, we all love DIY! There’s just something extraordinary about being able to fully customise parties according to what we like and how we want things to go during the party.If you have an upcoming party, and you want to make it extra special, why don’t you avail our DIY donut box set, complete with individual donut gift boxes and a full-sized donut box that you can personalise on your own?


Just how adorable are donut? They are a staple pastry here in Australia and every part of the world. Our DIY printable donut gift boxes are nothing short of charming and cute. They are super easy to create and can give anyone with a sweet tooth the best gift they could ever receive. Who can resist donuts? You can style your donut box with whatever style you want. Either way, they will still look tasty and yummy.


Our donut box gift set is available in the following themes:


  • Heart-shaped boxes
  • “Obsession”-themed boxes
  • Colourful donut gift boxes
  • Delectable darlings
  • and so much more!


Easy-to-Bake Donut Recipe!


Want more convenience on your purchase? Well, you’ll be delighted to know that for every purchase of our DIY Donut box gift set, you will also receive our easy donut recipe! You can order donut to save you from the effort, but if you ultimately want to do things your way, then by all means, use our recipe. It’s easy to make and is 100% delicious.




FREE Printables!


Our DIY Donut Box gift set also comes with a free sticker and other printables that you can personally choose upon your order. You can use these printables to make your DIY donut boxes even more attractive or use it on other DIY projects that you have in mind for your party. You can also give these boxes as a gift to your friend, teacher, family member, or even your neighbour! Our printables include cute and thoughtful saying like”I love you”, “Don’t worry, be HAPPY”, “I like you the same way I like Donuts – a lot”, and so much more!


Order Now!


What are you waiting for? Our donut boxes are available until supplies last, so make sure you get your own donut box gift set and make your party and gift giving extra special. Order one now!