Pros & Cons Of DIY Gutter Guards Brisbane

A gutter guard is a vital roofing component as it helps protect your gutter system from roof debris build up. There are many available gutter guards available in the market right now. But if you’re looking to save money while still benefiting from clog-free gutters, you should try out DIY gutter guards Brisbane. You can make them on your own, or have someone else make them for you. They cost way less than ready-made gutters. However, it does the same job just as effectively, which means you’re getting the most value from your money while also protecting your gutters efficiently.

However, we also need to acknowledge the downsides. If there are positives, there are also negatives that come with it. With that said, here’s a list of DIY gutter guards, along with their pros and cons:


Foam Gutter Guard

Foam gutter guards are triangular arch-shaped, long pieces of dense foam that are designed to fit into your gutters. The foam lets water pass through it, all while blocking any debris and ensuring that your gutters are clear from any unwanted congestion.



  • Pros

Foam is super easy to install. All you have to do is insert the pre-cut foam pieces inside your gutter, and you’re all set.


  • Cons

You need to make sure that the foam you purchase perfectly fits the size of your gutters. Food debris can build up on top of the foam, which slows down water flow. Furthermore, the foam can disintegrate in a couple of years and may need replacement.


Mesh Gutter Covers

A DIY mesh gutter guard is one of the most popular types of gutter guards out there. It covers the entire opening of your gutter system. Inserting this gutter guard requires precision and a few screws to lock them in tightly. To make this DIY gutter guard, you need to have skills in welding. Otherwise, head to a nearby welding shop for assistance.


  • Pros

Like foam gutter guards, mesh is also a relatively easy-to-install gutter guard. It keeps leaves out of your gutters. It fits most gutters very well. They also aren’t visible from the ground, contributing to the aesthetic department.


  • Cons

Mesh guards with large holes can be clogged by oak catkins and other fine tree debris.


There are more DIY gutter guards Brisbane ideas out there. For a complete list of DIY gutter guards that you can make at home, visit our website now and download the full article in PDF form or online document.