What to Know About Offset Printing – The Benefits

When printing for a specific project, most businesses settle for cheap commercial printing to lower the cost of printing. However, though bulk printing is a cost-effective way to print your advertising materials, it would be best to know the pros and cons of using commercial offset printers Adelaide. This way, you will know if this will or will not work for your business.

You have to be cautious when selecting what printing process to use to avoid a poor quality print job. Offset printing is suitable for bulk printing. It is cost effective when printing a large quantity of print, and you are sure to get quality prints.


This works well when you need high print volume for your project. Bulk printing works well when you’re printing multi-page prints for example catalogues, books, booklets, newsletters, calendar or event large scale advertising print, for instance, flyers, business cards, postcards etc.

    • It is affordable. By working with commercial offset printers Adelaide, you will lower your printing costs since offset printers observe gang run printing. This is a printing process where printer integrates multiple works on the same plate. By using this method, they maximise the printing capacity and lower the overall printing costs — the more prints you need, the lesser the price per piece.
    • You high-quality prints. With commercial offset printers Adelaide, the printed materials are consistent even if your print objects run large-scale. You can be sure of colour fidelity and quality consistency from start to finish. Offset printing offers better resolution and produces more vibrant, deeper, solid colours. Also, the prints produced does not fade quickly.

    • It is very fast. Wholesale offset printing offers a swift turnaround in print production. Offset printing companies can have your print delivered within 2 to 3 days. If speed is a necessity for your business, then what you need is a reliable offset printing firm. They are very efficient more so when working on a bulk printing project.
    • Prints as big as 28 x 40. Aside from the standard sizes printers give out for different products, you can have any print processed for as big as 28 x 40 since offset printers can accommodate such sizes.


Even though offset printing comes with many benefits, be careful because a small human error can lead to huge losses. Therefore, review and proofread your print before submitting for printing. Imagine printing thousands of copies with a typo? This means you would have to reprint which will cost you more.

To eliminate this problem, look for commercial offset printers Adelaide that has a team of editors who would spot mistakes or errors before printing. All it takes is time and proper research, and you find the best offset printing company.