How Business Telephone Systems Can Help Your Business

Business telephone systems have come a long way in the past few years. It was the norm that small businesses would start up with a one or two-line phone. Large companies are the ones that would install Private Branch Exchanges or PBXs. It was very costly and also difficult to install and maintain. And for the small businesses, the one line or two lines did not allow the owner too much but only receive and make calls and access voicemail.

The new sophistication of these new telephone systems now allows a company to begin small and have a chance to grow very fast as opportunities present themselves. In fact, it can make a small business be portrayed as a big company because of the features that have been built in them. For instance, some of the great characteristics of the business telephone system are based on VoIP services such as call forwarding, voicemail, three-way calling, voicemail, call hunting, and call routing. These features only existed in high-end branch exchanges which cost a lot regarding financial strength.

There are so many business telephone systems that are VoIP-based on the market today. Each one of them gives a different kind of solution, but the essential fact is that they all provide similar but fundamental features of managing the outbound and the inbound calls, and lay the foundation for expanding your business based on its size. One way to utilise the extensions that are in the VoIP solutions is to have an extension for every department of the company. The different departments may be in existence or not, but the incoming client does not have to know about this.

Another way of utilising extensions is to give each employee in your establishment a different extension. For example, you can have a salesperson who is on the field most times having his extension known as sales. Your technical support employee can have a different location from that of the salesman. All that you need to have done is to assign this employee and extension and route all calls to his or her mobile or phone number. This is a great idea of creating a virtual organisation too. A successful company should have a great support and sales system to provide their customers with the best customer care relations and support.

The best telephone services will allow their clients to be able to start very small and grow as their needs increase. There are those solutions that enable a company to start with one line or two as they start up and add more lines as they continue to grow their business empire. For more information on telephone systems, click here.