The Procedure of Removing Asbestos Tile

When a homeowner desires to do any remodelling in their home, it is important to get an inspection for any zeolite fibres in the materials used in the house. Asbestos is not something that is only found in insulation, even though that is the most common place. It can also be found in the adhesive used on tiles, or any other flooring materials.

As long as the walls and floors are in good working condition, there are no fears of breathing in toxic chemicals. However, when asbestos begins to break down by heat, age, or destruction, materials can become airborne and when inhaled, cause cancer.

Removing tiles

The departments of health recommend that an abatement company be contacted to perform an inspection before a permit is given to remove asbestos. The inspector will use kits to test samples, and then be able to give a cost estimate for proper disposal of the substance. The company will then use water, Ziploc bags, putty knives, and a lot of duct tape to clean the substance from the floor of the residence. The water keeps the asbestos wet, so the fibres will not go airborne.

After the workers get completely suited up with a disposable suit, gloves, respirator, and eye protection, they begin asbestos removal Adelaide from the floor or wall. The material is placed in bags that are taped shut several times and placed in bins or boxes. The city will have a designated location for safe disposal of asbestos. If the buyer or seller of the home has decided to do the removal him or herself, it is wise to locate the disposal site in advance so it can be loaded and taken out after complete removal.


If the fibres are inhaled, your health will be affected. It may not become noticeable for a decade or two; however, you might see odd warts or suddenly not being able to breathe well. This is because your airways begin to thicken. Eventually, you can develop cancer known as mesothelioma. This disease takes over the organs of the body, such as the heart and lungs. Because of the dangers of zeolite chemicals, asbestos is no longer allowed to be used in housing materials.

When researching for a property to purchase, you will need to think of any renovations you may want to make down the road. If homes are made in the 1970’s when asbestos was widely used in home construction, consider a company that can do the renovations for a reasonable price.