AC System Buying Guide

The most popular purchase in many Australian households that effectively fights against extreme weather temperature especially during cold winters and hot summers is air conditioners. If you are planning to install one soon, it is necessary for you first to know the available options.

We all know that Australia is one of the hottest countries in the world, and sad to say, the country will get hotter sooner or later. But don’t worry, since there is a wide variety of air conditioners available in air conditioner sale – that will help to fight against ‘stickiness’. Not only that but it can also be a heating solution. It is an all-around fix for the more temperamental climates which is extremely helpful to households. Thus, if you want your home to stay comfortable and climate-controlled paradise, install an air conditioner system today. To find the best type of air conditioner for your home, here are some things that you need to consider before buying one.

Numerous air conditioners are available in the market, and each caters specific budgets and space requirements. To be able to find what is right for you, we compiled below some types of air conditioners that can be found here in Australia.

Split system air conditioners

From the name itself, this type of conditioner consists of two units that are mounted separately. One of it is the indoor wall-mounted unit and the second one is the outdoor standalone compressor which dissipates the heat from the cooled area. A split system air conditioner unit efficiently conditions the air in a single room by blowing in cold air and sucking out the heat. Compared to other types, split systems are generally quieter because its compressor which is responsible for the noise is situated outside. The only disadvantage about this system is its incapability to cool the entire house since it is not that powerful enough and it is costly to install.

Reverse system air conditioners

You will start enjoying your home now more than usual because a reverse system air conditioner will keep your home comfortable all year round as it creates both hot and cold air. Although this system is quite expensive compared to a simple cooling system, it is the best investment you could ever have most especially if you are living in an area with temperamental climates.

Portable air conditioners

A portable air conditioner is a perfect system for you if you only need cooling in one small room. This system can be quickly moved and is readily available. The only cons of this system are its limited range and its ineffectiveness in more open areas since it only can cool enclosed rooms.

Wall/Window systems

Even though wall/window mounted air conditioning system is becoming less popular today, it is still an effective and reliable system that can cool medium up to large sized rooms. The unit inside the home efficiently conditions the air and releases the hot air out through an outlet or hose making it more powerful, unlike portable air conditioners. Like other types, wall/window systems also has some disadvantages that you must be aware of like it requires cumbersome extension cords, it can be expensive due to the amount of power they use and lastly, it can be quite large and noisy which is not ideal for some people who want a peaceful stay at home.

Ducted air conditioning

Among all types of air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioning is the most expensive to install. It will cost thousands of dollars to install ducts to run through or underneath your home. Aside from that, you will also need a compressor unit installed outside to pump cool air through your home. But, compared to other systems available in air conditioner sale –, ducted air conditioning functions more efficiently when it comes to cooling your home. Ducted air conditioning is what many hospitals, big offices and other large establishments use to maintain the cool temperature in their building.