Tips on How to Make Better Photocopies Geelong and Scans

Making a copy of a document is relatively easy and hassle-free. But for some reason, some people tend to make mistakes and make their lives a lot harder than what it’s supposed to be. If you’re constantly getting bad photocopies Geelong and scans, then pay proper attention to the tips that we’re about to share with you in this article. Here are five tips on how you can make better quality copies every time you use a photocopy machine.


Invest in Quality Paper


Sometimes the problem is in the actual material that you use for your photocopies. The low-quality paper will also yield poor-quality prints. That’s why you should invest in premium bond paper instead. That way, your prints will be clearer and cleaner. While we’re on the topic, you should also invest in high-quality ink. That way, the results of your prints will be stunning.


Clean your Photocopier Regularly


One reason why you get bad photocopies Geelong is because your photocopy machine needs cleaning – particularly the glass where you will position the paper for photocopy. Sometimes small debris like dust and dirt can disrupt the quality of the print. That’s why if you start seeing unnecessary lines and figures in most of your prints, that’s because the glass in your photocopy machine is dirty. Clean your photocopies and make sure the glass is spotlessly clean.


Replace Your Ink Cartridge Immediately


If you notice that the prints of your photocopy machine look faded and out of colour, that’s because the ink is low. For digital photocopy machines, it will have an indication on the UI that your ink is about to be empty. However, for older versions, you’ll need to check it yourself manually. However, the quality of the prints is already an indication, so you won’t have to predict that much.


Make Sure You Position Your Document Properly



Finally, one of the reasons why your photocopies are bad is because of wrong positioning. Proof of that is when you notice that your photocopies look angled and distorted, with some parts not seen and printed correctly. In every photocopy machine, there’s a guide that aligns the paper perfectly to ensure that it’s in the right position. All you have to do is follow this guide all the time, and you’ll be printing better quality copies in no time.


So, as you can see, you can improve the quality of your photocopies Geelong by following these simple tips. If you’re looking for the best photocopy machines, browse this website for the best brands and the latest models.