How a Cooling Misting System Works

The way a misting fan works is relatively simple, yet it offers a cooling function that no other device or machine can do. The concept of a misting system is to rely on the laws of thermal dynamics and cooling with the help of the natural process of evaporation. It is like when you place a wet towel in front of a standard electric fan and later realise that the area surrounding the towel becomes cold enough to provide a more comfortable feel. As the moisture of the evaporates, heat energy will disappear with the water. The misting fan efficiently circulates the cooler air in the room. The misting system is practical compared to a standard air conditioning system because it uses less energy than the usual AC.

It is no secret that the misting fan won’t work without the benefit of water. The fan usually comes equipped with a high-pressure pump, the purpose of which is to produce enough water for the creation of pressure of up to 1000 pounds per square inch.

The device also comes with a small nozzle opening that works by regulating and reducing the amount of water emitted thereby creating micro-sized drops. The mist will eventually evaporate once they come into contact with the warm air and the sun. The water droplets combine with the heat energy, thereby significantly dropping the temperature.

It is worthy of mention that the cooling misting fans create a mist characterised with minimal moisture. It will evaporate the moment it touches the surface.

If you do not have a clue about how it feels to use a misting system in an outdoor environment, then try to imagine standing outside on a foggy morning, and you feel the coolness in your skin. Know that the mist won’t register on the skin of a human, but it creates a vapour due to the build-up on a cold surface. You won’t feel wet with a misting fan unless you are less than five inches from the water nozzle. The fan is more than capable of circulating the mist in a wide area. If the mist reaches an area, there will be an apparent cooling effect.

The advantage of the misting system compared to that of a conventional air conditioning unit at home is that it can cool off an outdoor space. The AC unit you use at home is only useful in an indoor setting. Therefore, if you are staying outside trying to relax and enjoy the summer, you never will expect your AC system to give you the coolness you need to beat the heat. Fortunately, there is a practical solution in the form of a misting fan. It does not consume or require as much energy and power like the one you need to power up an air conditioning system.