How to Shop for Kids Shoes Ideally

When you take your kids to shops to purchase a new pair of shoes, you may experience two things, either it could be entertaining, or it can be drastically annoying and painful. Even how tiring it would be, it is a thing that must be done. Similar to breathing, kids seem to require new pairs of shoes more often as they tend to grow fast.


These details below will help you transform the shopping experience into a convenient and successful one:


  1. Focus on the soles.


Kids shoes that feature rubber soles is what you must purchase. Why? It is simply because shoes with thick rubber soles can provide you with both best shock absorption and cushioning. If your kids love to run around, this is exceptionally right for them because even if it looks dressy, it will still feel like wearing sneakers.



  1. Avoid hand-me-downs.


Passing down shoes are not recommended for your children to wear. Worn-out second-hand shoes can impose huge danger since the wear patterns make shoes fit differently from one person to another. Not only that, but through sharing shoes, warts and fungus can be spread, which is prevalent in children.


  1. Take them with you.


Buying shoes for kids at physical stores is the best thing to do as it allows your child to effectively try it on to ensure it is well-fitted to their feet. Before visiting the store, make sure that you brought socks for them to wear while trying the shoes on. Also, once you are already familiar with the way a brand fit, then, you can start shopping online.


  1. Be wary about flats.


For girls, you should avoid getting them those trendy yet very thin flat ballerina shoes as well as high heels. Keep in mind that exceptionally thin flats don’t offer shock absorption, cushioning or arch support which must be found in shoes as it should be its best qualities. For a growing bone, wearing high heels isn’t recommended since it can cause bad news as it can change the biometrics of how you walk.


  1. Consider lace-free options.


You should purchase Velcro mock-laced shoes if your child experiences trouble in tying their laces. It is best in both ways as your child can practice while still being flexible in getting themselves quickly in and out. While for kids who are still learning to tie, it is the best way to start as it can be often fully adjusted and teachers will surely appreciate.


Make sure that you purchase a pair of footwear that fits well to your child’s feet. However, most parents are tempted to buy larger kids shoes because it lasts longer without knowing that it can pose a danger to their child. Keep in mind that wearing shoes that don’t fit can cause blisters, wounds, nail trauma and abrasions.