Why You Should Begin Recycling Plastic Bottles

Recycling can bring a significantly positive effect on the environment. Although you may not feel yet the urge to do recycling bottles, you need to understand that this action can give a high impact on our mother earth and starting this practice today is of vital help to the future generations. The leading concern in the world today and in Australia is environmental degradation. Fortunately, there is already an increasing number of people who are becoming aware of the importance of doing something important and noble like recycling. If you want to contribute to saving and bringing back the health of our environment, start sending your waste to Bottle Recycling by Thorntons Recycling today. They have many creative ways on how to transform your trash into usable products that we can use every single day.



There are more things a bottle recycling can do, and we love to share some of those to you.


1 – You effectively reduce your waste.


Due to the sheer amount of waste we produce every single day, it is now impossible for our landfills to cater anything including plastic to biodegradable, most especially that it only has limited space. By recycling plastic water bottles, you can help conserve space that can be utilised to cater to other forms of waste. For every ton of plastic that you can recycle, up to 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space can be saved.



2 – Recycling corresponds to saving energy.


It is ideal to use existing materials when creating new products since it will only need less energy, unlike raw materials that significantly use a high amount of power.  Recycling one pound of polyethylene terephthalate or the plastic that is commonly used in water bottles can conserve 12,000 BTU’s or known as British thermal units of heat energy. Indeed, the recycling process promotes energy conservation because it only uses up to two-thirds less energy. As a result, it will most likely reduce the strain on the traditional power grid which is based on the burning of fossil fuel. Thus, if you want to lessen the emission of greenhouse gasses in the environment, start recycling now.


3 – It reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


One of the infamous contributors to global warming is the plastic manufacturing process. It is responsible for the creation of greenhouse gasses including carbon dioxide. Since the method for recycling plastic water bottles only uses less energy from fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions will lessen. If only each family cooperates in recycling their plastic waste, carbon dioxide emission will be efficiently reduced by up to 340 pounds annually, which is already a significant number to save our mother earth.


4 – It helps curb pollution.


You must put in the effort to recycle your water bottles today and send it directly to Bottle Recycling by Thorntons Recycling. It is one of the best ways you can do to reduce your likelihood of contributing to pollution.